Participation of ASPROFOS to the 2nd ICONHIC2019

ASPROFOS Engineering participated to the 2nd International Conference on Natural Hazards & Infrastructure (ICONHIC2019) conducted from 23rd to 26th of June 2019 at MINOA PALACE RESORT, Chania, Crete. During the Conference many scientific papers were presented and discussed. The scientific papers had multidisciplinary content addressed from the international research dealt with the understanding and contribution of the natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, subsidence, etc. and their impact to infrastructures (urban systems, lifelines, industry, mines, etc.) as well as the prevention and resilience policies, reinstatement methods and insurance provisions in confronting the harmful effects of natural hazards.

Dr. Philip Spanidis (Project Manager of ASPROFOS), Dr. Francis Pavloudakis and Dr. Christos Roumpos (executives of the Central Mines Division of Public Power Corporation) are the authors of the following papers:

  1.  A Methodology for Natural Hazards Risk Management in Continuous Surface Lignite Mines, presented by Dr. Philip Spanidis.
  2. Investigation of Natural and Technological Hazards and associated Risks in Continuous Surface Lignite Mines, presented by Dr. Francis Pavloudakis.

The papers referred to the identification, investigation, quantification and probabilistic evaluation of natural hazards and the disasters caused by them in large scale and open surface lignite mine installations by introducing the multi-criteria technique of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), the Monte-Carlo simulation in terms of a methodology proposed for the financially consistent pre-disaster management of the relevant hazards.

The papers also introduced soft computing and low complexity methods in the prevention and mitigation of risks related to the unpredictable natural disasters in lignite mining projects, as well as, demonstrated the important opportunities in developing new fields of technology through multidisciplinary synergies established between organizations of the energy sector in Greece.

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