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ASPROFOS' leadership views the constant and focused commitment of resources and effort in new technologies as a critical pillar of company success.

In terms of corporate governance, ASPROFOS adheres to all of requirements that apply to public limited companies (Société Anonyme) in order to control the operation of its Board of Directors in relation to its shareholders.

The company's responsible organization, operation, management and control strives to fulfill corporate objectives, the establishment of modern monitoring systems and the evaluation of corporate risks, while also assuring the transparency of management's activities in regard to its shareholders.

Corporate Governance

ASPROFOS adheres to Corporate Governance principles, striving to improve its value and defend the legal rights of all shareholders and others involved with the company.

Being a subsidiary of HELLENiQ ENERGY, a company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, it lays special emphasis on transparency issues when it comes to its structure and composition, management and decision-making procedures of the Board of Directors.

The company adheres to the present institutional framework, namely Law 2190/20 on public limited companies, as it is now in force, and the new Law 4706/2020 on corporate governance of public limited companies with securities listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

Each of its resolutions is entirely consistent with its Operating Articles of Association, as well as the values outlined in the Code of Conduct of the HELLENiQ ENERGY.

Board οf Directors

According to ASPROFOS' statutes, the Board of Directors is responsible, among other things, for:

  • managing and disposing of corporate property and representing the company,
  • deciding on issues concerning the company within the context of the corporate purpose (with the exception of matters of exclusive competence of the General Meeting),
  • deciding on the issuance of a joint bond loan regardless of the amount and
  • assigning the exercise of its powers and responsibilities on matters that do not require collective action.


Ms. Pinelopi Pagoni

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ms.  Pinelopi Pagoni is the Chairman of the ASPROFOS Board of Directors. Ms. Pagoni has multiannual working experience in HELLENiQ ENERGY in matters of sustainable development, environment and safety. She was actively involved in the licensing and implementation of all major projects of modernization of the refineries and acquisitions of the Group, as well as in the formulation of the Group's operational strategy in actions in line with European policies to tackle climate change and climate risk.

She was a member of the Executive Committee of HELPE and represented the Group as member of the Scientific Committee for the Oil Companies' European Association for Environment, Health and Safety in Refining and Distribution (CONCAWE) from 2005 to 2021, as member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries from 2009 and as Vice-Chairman from 2018 to 06/2022, as well as member of several committees of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and the support group of SEV Board for Sustainable Development from 2009 to 2021.

Mr. Dionysis Belekoukias

Managing Director

Mr. Dionysis Belekoukias, who took office on January 23, 2021, is the Managing Director of the ASPROFOS Board of Directors. He is a chemical engineer, graduate of the Technical University of Patras, who has risen through the Refinery's hierarchy to become Refinery Manager.

Being ASPROFOS’ Managing Director, he oversees the company's operations and personnel. Furthermore, he represents the company (both in and out of court), operates within the scope of the responsibilities delegated to him by the Board of Directors and his signature legally binds on the Company.

ASPROFOS’ Structure

Management Executives

This webpage includes minutes from the meetings of the Board of Directors of the company ASPROFOS only in Greek.

Codes & Regulations


The articles of association (statutes) define the purpose of ASPROFOS, its share capital, the composition and operation of the Board of Directors, the role of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the financial years and in general specify the regulations for the company's operations.

ASPROFOS’ statute is available upon request.

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ASPROFOS, to ensure its smooth operation, has incorporated:

  • Investment Regulation and
  • Procurement Regulation

In the same time it applies specific procedures for the following:

  • Technical Staff Development
  • Education
  • Lending
  • Business travel within and outside of Greece and
  • Expatriation in Kuwait.

Finally, ASPROFOS is in the final stage of approving the Bylaws (Internal Regulations), in which the above procedures are expected to be incorporated.

Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code is to summarize the principles governing the internal operation of ASPROFOS, in Greece and abroad, and determining the mode of its operation in order to achieve the business goals set to secure its sustainability and progress. As previously stated, the Code of Conduct governs all the Holdings of the Company.



Internal Audit

The Internal Audit of the company, which is conducted directly by HELLENiQ ENERGY and in particular by the Group Internal Audit General Division (GIAGD), plays key role in the appropriate exercise of Corporate Governance. 


The Division’s primary mission is to plan, coordinate and implement optimal and efficient internal control functions in the company's and its holdings’ systems and procedures, through the conduct of regular, extraordinary and special audits, the results of which are disclosed to the Management, in order to use them to ensure the Company's lawful, smooth and efficient operation.

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