Focused on balance.

ASPROFOS, being an exemplar engineering studies company with international presence and skilled staff, strikes a balance between technology, society and the environment in its projects.

Social Footprint

Recognizing that real corporate responsibility adds value to society and the economy as a whole, ASPROFOS promotes a significant socioeconomic footprint, directly aligning its activities with broader challenges of sustainable development.

ASPROFOS, being an engineering studies company, guarantees that societal and environmental aspects are integrated in all of its technological projects. In the case of big projects that need public consultation with people of the areas impacted, ASPROFOS assembles a comprehensive team and develops an appropriate visit plan to inform residents of the areas on the one hand and solicit their comments and concerns, if any, on the other hand.

Regarding Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, ASPROFOS, being a member of HELLENiQ ENERGY, takes part in the Corporate Responsibility Program of the Group, completing or strengthening several of its actions, while also providing technical assistance, consulting services, as well as project management services.

These are actions related to financial assistance for humanitarian, cultural and educational initiatives, as well as infrastructure development and support to small local enterprises. In addition to sponsorships and donations, ASPROFOS has also incorporated in its corporate program initiatives centered on the environment, the most prominent of which is tree planting, as well as support for sporting events.

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