Participation of ASPROFOS Engineering to the 15th International Conference of the Greek Geological Society

ASPROFOS Engineering has participated to the 15th International Conference of the Greek Geological Society entitled “Exploring and Protecting our Living Planet Earth” conducted from 22 to 24 of May 2019 at Harokopio University of Athens, in which Hellenic Petroleum Group (HELPE) was one of the sponsors of the Conference. During the Conference many scientific papers were presented and discussed.   The scientific papers had multidisciplinary content addressed from international research and dealt with the understanding and contribution of geosciences in the research of the environment, natural resources, as well as, natural hazards and their impacts to human made infrastructures and technical projects at the Aegean region. 

The title of the paper presented by Dr. Philip Spanidis from ASPROFOS and co-authors Dr. Christos Roumpos and Mrs. A. Liakoura (from the Central Mines Division, PPC) is “A Risk-based Analysis of Engineering Geology Failures in Pipeline Corridors Investigations”. The aim of the paper is the investigation of risks caused by engineering geology failures in gas and oil pipelines route evaluations and the introduction of multi-criteria and fault tree analysis (FTA) methods as appropriate in the quantification and efficient management of the relevant risks.

The paper:

  1. introduces soft computing and low complexity methods in the prevention and mitigation of risks related to design failures in the knowledge area of engineering geology focusing on pipeline projects, as well as,
  2. demonstrates the important opportunities in developing new fields of technology through multidisciplinary synergies established between organizations of the energy sector in Greece.
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