Environmental Impact Study and Permitting Services for EastMed pipeline

ASPROFOS succeeded in undertaking the Environmental Impact Studies and Permitting Services for the inshore and offshore section for EastMed pipeline in Greek territory.

The EastMed pipeline is a planned offshore and onshore natural gas pipeline, directly connecting East Mediterranean energy resources to mainland Greece via Cyprus and Crete.

The route of the onshore section of the pipeline consists of two distinct sections with a total length of approximately 563 km and an offshore section that connects the two onshore sections in the Gulf of Patras with a total length of approximately 17 km. Along the onshore section, there shall be installation of valve stations - BVS (in total 18 as per the current project design) shall be placed at distances of approximately 30 km between them.

The offshore section shall have a total length of approximately 436km and diameter of 46’’ from the landfall in Crete to the landfall in Peloponnese.

The duration of ASPROFOS’ services will be approximately 24 months.

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