ASPROFOS Engineering holds a crucial role in the permitting approval of IGI Poseidon Pipeline

ASPROFOS SA, the engineering subsidiary of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, which has effectively
participated in the design and licensing phase of almost all of the Natural Gas projects in Greece,
has prepared the Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the on shore section of IGI Poseidon
gas pipeline. The Study was approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy on Friday,
5 th of July 2019.

According to the company's announcement:

The approval - in record time - of such a complex, extended and detailed study comprising of 3,500
pages, including also all the extensive correspondence with stakeholders and local authorities,
demonstrates the know-how and the reliability of ASPROFOS, as well as the deep knowledge of its
staff. The Environmental Impact Assessment Study of IGI Poseidon is the latest of a series of similar
complex studies for other major projects such as TAP - the construction of which has already been
completed, without any permitting issues - and other similar DESFA projects.

"These achievements enrich the thirty-five-years of company’ s successful history which on one hand
is a leading player in Greece and, on the other hand, is a pioneer amongst engineering – consultancy
companies in the SE Europe region," stated ASPROFOS’ Managing Director, Mr. Petros Papasotiriou.

"IGI Poseidon" pipeline, with a diameter of 48 inches (122 cm) and a maximum pressure of 100 barg,
will extend for approximately 760km, from the area of Kipi, Evros to Florovouni, Thesprotia, where it
will meet the offshore section of the Poseidon Natural Gas Pipeline connecting Greece to Otranto,
Italy. The owner of the project is IGI Poseidon SA, a 50-50% Joint Venture and Edison S.p.A., between
DEPA SA (Greece) and Edison International Holding (Italy) based in Athens.

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