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Our Refinery experts add value from the very first stages of investment plans, helping our clients to develop and optimize the right solution to meet their objectives on time and in a cost effective way. We have developed our experience in non-proprietary technical know-how for refinery process operations such as atmospheric, vacuum and light ends distillation, naphtha hydrotreating and gas oil hydrodesulphurisation, treatment of sour gas with amine solutions, and sour water stripping.

Furthermore, we designed auxiliary refinery utilities and offsites facilities, such as crude and refinery product storage, transfer, mixing and blending, as well as loading/unloading facilities. We can deliver detailed engineering packages of medium and high complexity licensed know-how, such as visbreaking, isomerization and flexicoker units and integrate the design of all refinery units to achieve optimum operation.

Asprofos Engineering can cover all engineering facets of mid and downstream refinery operations from the design of utilities and process units to their final commissioning and start-up activities.