Management Systems

Managerial Capability

Having already extensive experience ASPROFOS has developed managerial capabilities regarding the execution of public projects in Greece and Cyprus. For these, in addition to ISO 9001:2008, we have been certified by the ELOT Standard 1429:2008.

The certification by the ELOT Standard 1429:2008 is referred to compliance to the requirements for Managerial Capability of organizations implementing projects of public interest. This Standard is accompanied by the ELOT Guides 1431-1:2008, ELOT 1431-2:2008 and ELOT 1431-3:2008. These Guides refer to the application of ELOT 1429 for projects of public works, for public supply contracts and public service contacts, and for specific activities by own means, respectively.

Certification of ASPROFOS covers Level 2 of Managerial Capability and has been provided on February 2011 (LRQA certificate no 360294/A).

The scope of certification includes:

  • Implementation of public sector projects.
  • Implementation and management of national and European programs.
  • Service provision for technical consultancy.