Management Systems

We have designed and implemented a quality management system to manage our organization's policies, procedures and processes and promote continuous improvement of our business performance.   

The implementation of our Management System helps us improve operations, manage risk and promote stakeholder confidence. It is a dynamic system that enables us to adapt to evolving corporate demands, legislation and stakeholder expectations and achieve organizational change.

Asprofos Engineering embraces high quality in all areas of our business operations.

Our commitment to quality is set out in our policy, namely to:

  • MAINTAIN a high level of quality and managerial capability environment by continuously improving its processes and offered products and services.
  • OFFER services and products, which respect quality, managerial capability and Health Safety Environmental (HSE) requirements, abide to the laws and to the contracting obligations that the company has undertaken and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • ACCURATELY DETERMINE, maintain and continuously develop a Quality Management System, a Managerial Capability System and a Health Safety and Environmental System that satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001, ELOT 1429, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001, respectively.
  • CERTIFY that all its personnel are well trained to know, maintain, and develop the company’s policies and participate in the achievement of its objectives.
  • PROVIDE a safe, healthy and suitable work environment for the continuous improvement of its human resources.
  • ELIMINATE the risk of peoples’ injuries and minimize environmental impact.
  • IMPROVE continuously Quality and HSE performance.