Protection of the natural, social and cultural environment is a key parameter for the proper execution of any project and the basic requirement for achieving sustainable development. With a focus on oil and gas sector projects, ASPROFOS Engineering provides a wide range of environmental services. From environmental permitting studies and monitoring programs, to stakeholder engagement activities and public disclosure, ASPROFOS has extensive experience in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Studies - executed in full compliance to national and international legislation and funding requirements and standards, detailed Forest Studies (Forest Characterization Act Support, Logging Studies, Reinstatement Studies), application and enforcement of environmental standards such as ISO 14001 and Management Systems (EMAS).

Environmental licenses have been acquired for most major intricate oil and gas projects in Greece including:

  • Elefsis Refinery Upgrade Project
  • Revithousa Island LNG Terminal
  • 1,500km of High Pressure, Medium Pressure Pipeline Network of the National Natural Gas Transmission System, along with the associated Compressor Stations, Metering and Regulating Stations, etc.
  • Trans Adriatic Pipeline Project

ASPROFOS’ highly skilled environmental team is supported by our diversely specialized engineering team which is the largest in Greece. This unique collaboration incorporates the most advanced environmentally friendly approach with the most cost effective technical project design. Upholding best industry practices in both environmental and engineering fields has helped Asprofos achieve optimum project results.


Renewable energy
The Renewable Energy Sources (RES) industry is an emerging key player in sustainable development. ASPROFOS Engineering’s involvement with RES projects ranges from simple solar panel arrays to complex biomass / biogas related plants. Our extensive network of environmental experts provides excellent and accurate baseline information, prompt identification of potential significant impacts to the environment - being either natural or social, and of course optimum cost effective mitigation measures
Water & Waste water treatment
Water is one of the most valuable natural resources which strict national and international legislation aims to save, clean, recover and reuse. In adherence to this legislation and following best industry practices, industrial plants and facilities are now using wastewater treatment to prevent water pollution from contaminating the environment. From identifying the most appropriate licensed technology for wastewater disposal operators to detailed design of wastewater treatment units, ASPROFOS has extensive experience in wastewater treatment plants in the oil industry, one of the most demanding industrial sectors regarding wastewater treatment.