Procurement Services

ASPROFOS Engineering supports all purchasing activities of a project according to client’s needs. More analytically, purchasing services include initially the preparation of proposed Bidders Lists for new Requisitions and preparation and issue of Requests for Quotation documents for new equipment, materials, and sub-contracted work. These RFQs are based on the respective Bidders List already issued by ASPROFOS and officially approved by the client. During the bidding and technical evaluation phase, ASPROFOS incorporates issue of clarifying correspondence, does the follow-up of Inquiries, and prepares and issues of monthly Inquiry Status Report and monthly Progress Report. After the award to the successful bidder, ASPROFOS prepares all the necessary documents for the placement of Purchase Orders (POs), as well as issuing of pertinent Letters of Intent. If additional requirements or changes after the placement of P.O. are needed, a formal change order is issued.

Procurement Services include:

  • Cost estimation
  • Procurement  Coordination
  • Bidders List, RFQs and ITB Preparation
  • Technical & Economical Bid evaluation
  • Negotiation Support  
  • LOA / PO preparation
  • Inspection Services and Administration of Third Party Inspection
  • Expediting Services